10 Auto Dealership Marketing Tips, Strategies & Ideas

10 Auto Dealership Marketing Tips, Strategies & Ideas

Successful Dealership Marketing Tips is critical and can affect your success. Here are some productive car dealership marketing ideas to get you inspired. 

A large volume of leads will visit your website before they interact in any way with your dealership in most cases which is a remarkable fact. Your website is your business presence & appearance, and it’s your first impression. Dealers have an excellent and unique opportunity to use their location to put on events and benefit from community engagement and interaction. 

1. Enticing Mobile-Friendly Website 

A mobile-friendly website is crucial. The Biggest mistakes a car dealership can make is not optimizing their webpage for mobile views which damages the user’s experience. Majority of car buyers use their mobile devices on the car lot to access a dealer’s website, pricing information and analyzing car features. Using apps similar to TrueCar and Cars.com will also lead attracted customers to your website.

All of these car dealership marketing ideas are extremely effective unlike outbound marketing such as TV commercials. If your marketing budget is small start putting certain ideas to action.

Offering content that users will find helpful in the buying process is an easy way to generate traffic to your site. Writing informative blog posts, articles and ebooks about basic car-buying topics (example, Best Cars to Buy for your Kids, How to Repair a Windshield Wiper or applying the right amount of air in your tires) will increase your site’s SEO and will increase the credibility of your dealership.

Do you want a fresh, professional design that generates a sense of trust in your brand? Here is an example from Ad Global,LLC. template:

ad global website templates

2. Utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 The majority of user’s car search includes a basic search, such as “cars for sale in Ct,” which will result in producers promoting their used & brand-new releases. However, when customers are more along in their buying journey, there may have more specific search phrases such as “used Audi for sale near Ct,” which now your product page will have a better chance of Ranking higher in the search results. Using keywords throughout your website’s content will enhance the SEO of your page resulting in higher Rankings.

SEO should mainly Provide content that’s useful. Add value to your potential customers by creating a blog or news article on your site with information about the cars you sell. A good way to create local content that potential customers can benefit will read is by having someone in your IT department or social media team write a weekly blog post. Remember, it isn’t all about you. Stand out in your community. Any and all topics should include information that people actually want to know. 



Vehicle topics should also be written frequently. Consider including tips like seasonal car maintenance, new launches, popular specials, holiday events, etc. Each post should be locally optimized, which means they include city and state information, along with title tags, alt text, and meta descriptions. Also, do not forget to embed (Google My Business) map to your blog posts or the homepage of your site.

It’s important to include unique & high-quality images or videos with your car listings to help boost potential customers interest in your vehicle. Try including unique and valuable information will set you apart from your competitors. Keep your website fresh with regular weekly updates can lead to improvements in your website’s rankings in search results.

When someone searches online for a certain make or model of vehicle, they are revealing a buying intention. You need to grasp them as they are potential customers. Using methods of pay per click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) are necessary as when someone searches they are combined. You can set up campaigns so that if some searches for the make of a vehicle your keywords will trigger your ad.

Do you want a professional to create a relevant SEO Campaign? Here is an example from Ad Global,LLC. :

3. Business Listing

You need to claim your business listing on Google My Business If you haven’t already done so. It is a quick and simple way for organizations, brands, artists, and businesses to manage their online appearance with Google. Google My Business should contain the right information about your business like the name, address and telephone number and reviews that can have a positive impact. Not only for your online traffic but makes your business easier to find for potential customers to view.

google my business

Google My Business should contain the right information about your business like the name, address and telephone number and reviews that can have a positive impact. Not only for your online traffic but makes your business easier to find for potential customers to view.

car dealer gmb

google my business car dealership

When setting up your account, ensure all of your contact details are listed correctly, categories, logo and header image the same goes for a description of your business. Ensure the name, address and telephone number associated with your business are listed in the exact same setup on your Google My Business page and your website. You should always use the exact same name, address and telephone number layout on all sites mentioning your business.

4. Managing Your Reputation

Nowadays, you have to make sure your online reputation is matches.

Consumers online judge a dealership based on remarks from previous customers. Customers find specific review on sites like Top Rated Local, Google My Business, BBB, and Yelp. Potential customers also use dealership specific sites like Dealer Rater. Utilize social platforms to let customers leave reviews on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page:

road ready car dealership

Every time you satisfy a customer adequately, it helps your marketing. Every participation goes into consideration which may hurt or increase your marketing. A vehicle is a significant purchase for a majority of people and a big portion are urged to leave reviews. Star ratings stand out on search engine results so much it will create an impression before anyone even visits your website.

Many dealerships need to monitor their reviews across all these social platforms. Your digital marketing manager’s job is to maintain all of these areas. Respond to any reviews you see fit, especially negative ones. Explain your side and offer to correct the situation. Many customers will change their reviews when they see you consider their opinion. Don’t stress over every bad review. You’ll never satisfy every Customer,  (Certain services will let you supervise this to a certain degree). If your overall review profile is poor, it’s time to call a sales meeting.  Being Inactive just isn’t worth it.

road ready car

As mentioned, There are many potential customers that are looking for a vehicle on social platforms especially on Facebook, so it’s important and powerful for your dealership to have a presence on Facebook. Set up a Facebook business page for your dealership. Just remember to include all of your basic information such as your location, contact, and services.  On Facebook, you can create many organic posts about your new inventory to keep people up to date on your industry updates. Be sure to create an auto messenger on Facebook using the messaging feature as well and have your digital sales manager handle responses.

You can also run paid ads as well as retargeting campaigns to show ads on Facebook and Instagram to people who visited your website before or interacted with your Facebook content.  Essentially all these potential customers are in the market for a vehicle. We will go further in-depth on retargeting in the next section below. 

5. Attract the Right Audience with the Correct Media

Some dealership owners read articles like this with uncertainty. Understand, the world is progressing digitally, and commercial ran on local TV is still effective marketing, which may still be true. Car dealership marketing includes a broad demographic and not all of them will respond to your media the same way.

Here’s an example, dealerships in the south still do very well using the traditional media of radio, and TV. Some cases a local auto dealership will generate a local Reputation for themselves and work off referrals.  Many physical local leads really don’t take the time to do online research. They know and trust their “favorable” local dealership.

However, recent reports on the younger generations vehicle buying habits show that virtually all their car shopping starts online, before ever walking into a showroom. If you’re not online, you are most likely missing these potential buyers. Tracking your marketing campaigns with as much information and details as possible. Use questionnaires to find out if customers found you through traditional media which would be the best thing you can do. One advantage of Online marketing is that it’s easier to track, so you can accumulate traffic data on your website and social media to see what results convert.

When you have reliable data to do more with you understand what works more and what to do less.  Your main goal is to sell more cars, not follow marketing trends which is helpful.

6. Retarget Your Customers

Millennial Car buyers do a lot of research, many will visit your website and leave and did not make an action.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay with them. Retargeting will do just this and remind your customers about an abandoned cart, a missed out opportunity or a sale you can create just for potential customers for leaving. You can use retargeting ads to show up as people browse online or visit social websites.

Understand you can create specific ad’s based on the page and model your potential customer viewed or searched. Retargeting helps your Auto dealership stay in front of leads as they progress throughout your buying sequence.  Your retargeting ads should influence them in your direction, so most likely that potential customer will look you up when they are ready to purchase a vehicle.

7. Dominate Search Marketing

When potential customers go online to search for a certain make or model of vehicle, they are showing purchasing interest. Your next step is to get them into your sales funnel using different tactics. The process of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) are necessary and definitely will make your car dealership stand out from your other local dealerships online.

Using pay-per-click advertising (PPC), you can set up campaigns that if some searches for the make of a vehicle you sell will trigger your ad. (Chevrolet, SUVs, Ford, Honda, etc.) You can then use the keyword addition feature so the exact model people searched for appears in the title of your ad.

Here’s an example, I was looking for a 2019 Honda civic and was assisted the ad below:

Honda Civic ad

Optimize all of your campaigns as specifically as you can for makes, models, and years of your vehicle. The more vehicles you have in your inventory, the more determined you are to run the ads. For organic search results, you’ll want to rank for more general terms of care make, models, and your exact location. When searching for terms like “Buying Honda Civic Waterbury CT” you will get:

Honda civic google list

Can you notice numerous things?  The large online merchants are dominating the top spots.  local dealerships cleverly have gotten their Honda listing to also show for this search. Your overall site authority will impact your SEO rankings on your website by creating social media signals, inbound links, and more.  Be sure to put location keywords into your page title, meta tags and mention your location in descriptions of your services.

8. Design An Online Video Commercial

Creating a Funny but useful TV commercial for your Car dealerships has the benefits of creating attention and desire. Essentially, no other industry matches all the quirky, Interesting, memorable, funny and unusual commercials that vehicle salesmen create. The main goal of these commercials is generally to generate a memorable brand image.  You want car purchasers to remember you before they walk onto your dealer’s lot.  For example:

Nowadays, Car customers watch vehicle videos more often before their next vehicle purchase. Car consumers seek information on certain vehicle model examples, safety features, walkarounds, and additional content to assist them along in making a buying choice. Videos should always be embedded into your website and should be on social channels such as YouTube for more organic visibility as this would strengthen your SEO in the future. Your dealership can also make a high quality professional video ad like this below:

9. Obtain a CRM(Customer Relationship Manager)

Sales don’t often close on first-time emails. However, setting up a series of auto-responders to people who did sign up for your newsletter, which offer them deals and promotions at just the correct time, can have a huge influence on your conversion rates. You can also use a CRM to organize your leads, keep track of where your customers and potential customers view the content on your website and distinctly see who answers to your marketing efforts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions have become a necessity for every automotive dealership. Our very useful tool benefits in directing your leads and enhancing sales with your staff. The marketing and sales periods are perfectly synchronized by good CRMs with rule-based methods.

Car Dealer CRMs assist in bringing leads within:

  1.  Online and social media channels
  2.  Showrooms
  3.  Email

Importantly, it personalizes your follow-ups and maintains contacts in a professional way.

Today, every auto dealership needs a customer relationship management (CRM) software.  It’s essential.

CRMs keep your staff on the equal pages as leads move through the sales sequence, they automate follow-up tasks so you can maintain consistent touches. CRMs today usually function in the cloud, so they’re easy to access from any device.  They do the job of funneling leads from every source, including showroom, online, service, email, and phone.

CRM software like the small business CRM by Ad Global,LLC. lets you personalize follow-ups based on the vehicles potential customers revealed interest in.  It naturally lets you manage contacts in a professional way

When you look into CRM software, consider what training resources are available when presented.  The biggest problem auto dealerships have in implementing CRMs is a lack of continuous use from all staff members.  You want something strong, but also something new your sales staff can understand and implement immediately.  A complex method with features you don’t need will limit your use.

10. Acquire Professional Guidance 

last, important thing to consider as a dealership, if you are a small dealership you probably won’t have the latest sources to manage all procedures involved with online digital marketing. Facebook marketing individually has multiple tactics which can be complex while new ones show up almost every day.

You want your online digital marketer spending their time improving the reputation of your dealership, not trying to figure out what Google wants.  Try talking to one of our auto dealership digital marketing consultants today and see if AD Global,LLC. is a good fit for you.  Our all-in-one digital marketing system provides marketing software, media support, social media marketing, and designated marketing to keep organized.  You won’t find a more effective solution, Try Today.

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