AD Global Covid 19 small business relief

Corona Virus (Covid - 19) SEO Business Relief

During this pandemic of the coronavirus also known as the (Covid-19) has changed a lot of things entirely and many businesses has either closed there doors temporarily until this crisis is over or altered the way they do business restricting their income results. At a time like this, you must adapt or hurt as we may never know when this crisis will be over as some information floating around seems like it may be around 2022.

Now what this means is for 2 years your income and customer base will be restricted or stopped. Depending on your industry and service you offer you can actually benefit from this pandemic. Let us go through the safe routes your business can preform which will not violate certain rules like city-wide curfew or essential business are the only ones that can operate during this stressful time.

What Can Be Done?

Businesses now must find a way to become either mobile or online and of course certain business services will be restricted. The businesses that take action will be on top for the years to come.  Set your self up for success in the long run businesses like retail, and certain restaurants, etc… can do eCommerce and online ordering. If you don’t know where to start you should consult an expert on your current situation and where you want to go with your vision.

What Steps To Take?

First find what can you do internally within your business to improve. If you are a restaurant but cannot open your doors to the public because of your fear of contamination. Place signs outside and online requiring people to either wait outside for their food or order delivery.

If your in retail you might have to approach this situation a bit different. Find ways to hire delivery drivers since most store staff are not needed and expenses are cut. Learning how to run an online business or paying an expert to create or manage your business online is one of the most urgent things to think of right now which will continue gaining you results during a scary time like this.


Service Based?

Are you a service based business? Well then your approach must be very different and you must start off online. Imagine how people must feel about getting service from someone in close proximity its a dangerous thing at this time. Your strategy must be very different and you must also protect your self at all times.


Many companies are available to help you during a devastating time like this but results are where it mainly happens to matter. You can always contact our company AD Global,LLC’s. Experts who live to create and manage online businesses with a proven record of remarkable successful campaigns.