Pest Control Marketing: The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Pest Control Business Online

Pest Control Marketing: The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Pest Control Business Online

Marketing A Pest Control Company

Looking for tips, ideas, and strategies to improve your Pest Control’s online lead generation? Let Ad Global shares some insight on how to win the online marketing battle in the Pest Controls industry.

When marketing a Pest Control company, it is important that you understand and can portray your services to the public clearly. One thing is for sure, there are a ton of people searching Google right now for a Pest Control company. Because of this, you need to know what the best (SEO) search engine optimization practices to get you more leads for your Pest Control agency. 

Understanding Local Pest Controls SEO
Pest Control Marketing Idea #1

Pest control marketing Ad Global

Pest Control is something that everyone looks to Google for. Think about it for a minute, if your home was infested with insects of any sort, where do you look to call for a professional exterminator? Most people will look in the Google search results.

As a Pest Control company, you should become familiar with search engine optimization. But what is search engine optimization and where can you start?

Start By Listing Your Business In Google

Pest control marketing google search Ad Global

This has to be the easiest way to start. Local SEO starts with Google maps. When you do a search in Google such as “Pest Control” you quickly notice a few things about the first organic results.

You’ll notice that the top results are all organic. But the top result is a paid Google AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords Get’s A Lower Click Through Rate
Understand Why!

The reason why (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is so important for Pest Control companies is that Google AdWords only gets about 30% of the clicks in the organic search engines. According to Google analytics, the first three results get about 50% of the clicks

The bottom line is that as a new customer you don’t trust advertisements but we trust the organic search results. It’s a psychological thing because we as people see advertising as desperate.

But so many Pest Control companies firmly believe that it is difficult to rank organically on Google maps. But here are 3 easy ways you can rank organically on the Google maps platform– when someone searches a keyword like “pest control near me”, you rank at the top of Google without a problem.

Ranking In The Google Maps As A Pest Control company
Organic Search Results

Now that you have some clarity on Pest Control marketing, let’s get you some actionable steps that you can take. The first thing you absolutely need to do is verify your Google My Business listing.

Start by heading over to Google my business and click on the “Start  Now” option to create your account or to update it.

Google MyBuainess pest control ad global

From here you will be brought to a page to verify your business address. Here are some crucial points to be noted:

  1. Always use the same Name, Address, & Phone Number when creating any directory listings
  2. Check your other listings to make sure your Name, Address, & Phone Number details are correct
  3. Verify a new listing for each and every location you open

Note: The moment you enter in your business details, choose to verify location after signing up your business & you’ll be sent a postcard from Google instructing you on how to set up your Google my business listing. Enter the code into your Google My Business account and you should now have a verified map listing.

Pest control marketing name google Ad Global

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing
Pest Control is an important service let others find you

Now that your business is in Google, you can now optimize it. to understand how to optimize your Google My Business listing for a Pest Control company Here are some optimizations tips that should allow you to rank higher in the Google maps search:

  1. Add clear images of your business inside and out
  2. Add in your “file tags” of your image a description of what the image is about
  3. Generating local reviews for your Pest Control agency

*Your best practice when going about review generation is to ask each and every customer that uses your Pest Control services to leave a review on your Google my business.

*It will be incredibly powerful for SEO if your clients add an image to their review.

*If you leaving a fraudulent review Google will find out and they will penalize these actions by lowering your map listings.

The more reviews you get – the higher you will rank in Google maps  Generally speaking. This is not always true as it is all about how consistent you look in Google maps. There have been hundreds of occasions where businesses rank higher in the maps with low star reviews.

Pest Control Advertising: Where To Start

If you’re working on SEO and want to get an immediate pick up in traffic – you might want to consider Pest Control advertising. Furthermore, exploring popular options such as Google AdWords, Facebook, etc

But as we said before, the best place to market a Pest Control agency is within Google.

Google Adwords Marketing For Pest Control

Google Adwords is a great place to start for several reasons:

  1. It is instant traffic for your Pest Control agency
  2. It’s keyword driven, people type in “Pest Control near me” your AdWords listing appears
  3. Adwords provides tons of data for you to continually optimize your ads

So how exactly will you get started in Pest Control Advertising? Start by creating a Google AdWords account.

Create Your Google Adwords Account Here: 


Once you’ve created an account, you’ll see a dashboard that looks like this: This is the home page of Google Adwords where you can see your dashboard and current campaigns.

Pest control marketing name googlewords Ad Global

 To help you understand some of the terms used in AdWords, you can see terms listed below for:

Impressions: How many times Google shows your Pest Control ad in their search engine

CPC: Cost-Per-Click, how much did it cost you for someone to click on your ad. This number is calculated by impressions/click rate. The lower your click-through rate in Google Adwords, the higher your cost per click.

Keyword Planner: A free tool proved by Google AdWords so you can see which keywords you want to pick. This tool is also great because it shows you the average cost per click for those keywords. You can access the tool here: https://adwords.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/

Watch this video below to understand how to use Keyword Planner

Once you’ve picked the right keyword to target, you can then create a campaign. You can also learn more about Google AdWords by becoming a Google partner. You can become a Google partner by clicking on the link below:


Although there is no advertising benefit to becoming a partner, you will learn the ins and outs of Google AdWords making your Pest Control campaign much more profitable.

Facebook Advertising For Pest Control company

Pest Control advertising has many avenues, if Google AdWords is not your thing – take a look at Facebook. Facebook marketing is a hot topic in 2018, especially because there are now 2-3 billion Facebook users actively using the platform. Besides, Facebook’s app is the most opened app in the application store in the popular cellphones section.

With that being said, how can a Pest Control properly advertise on Facebook without paying an arm and a leg? First, you need to start with understanding Facebook advertising.

At the core, Facebook advertising for Pest Control starts at business.facebook.com

Here you will find the back end of Facebook where you can manage your fan page and advertising

Pest control marketing facebook ads Ad Global

The image above shows you the dashboard behind Facebook’s business manager. This allows you to see your:

  1. Results
  2. Reach
  3. Impressions
  4. Cost Per Result
  5. Amount Spent

And a whole lot more data on your Facebook ads campaigns. This would be your first step in Facebook marketing. Other than this, let’s go over some important steps to take when marketing on Facebook

1. Facebook Business Page Set Up
Quick understanding

The most important first step is to set up your Facebook Business Page. Your Facebook business page is an excellent place to start. You want to optimize your Facebook Business Page by doing the current following:

  1. Adding a properly sized profile picture
  2. Use a clear cover photo or video
  3. Add your business description to your business page
  4. Pin a post to the top of your business page

These are the simple basics of setting up a Facebook business page – take time in your set up can lead to higher conversions and phone calls for your Pest Control agency.

2. Understanding Your Target Market

Who are you marketing to? This is the question you need to ask yourself before setting up a Facebook ad. Most Pest Control companies will completely ignore targeting on Facebook and perform random actions hoping for leads.

One our favorite reasons to advertise on Facebook is because of the targeting options they give you. On Facebook, you get the option to target based on:

  1. Age
  2. Income
  3. Demographics
  4. Interests
  5. Buying Behaviors

Moreover, you can do retargeting. Retargeting basically allows you to show ads based on people who have visited your website. This means that if someone comes to your website after searching “Pest Control Waterbury CT” you can then show them ads on Facebook.

Here is an illustration as an example of People who comes to your website, and you can show them ads in the near future:

Pest Control Marketing: The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Pest Control Business Online

The reason we find this strategy to be so powerful is that if they were already on your website through search, it is likely they will come back to your website from Facebook from a thing called Facebook pixel.

Not only is this good for brand awareness, but it is also optimal for conversions.

3. Create Compelling & Creative Ad’s On Facebook

Once you’ve set up your Facebook fan page, you’re now ready to launch your very own Facebook ad. The creative content becomes very important. The creative content is the design of your ad and generally what people see on Facebook.

Below is an example of a Facebook ad provided by a Pest Control company:

Pest Control Marketing: The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Pest Control Business Online

The perfect Facebook advertisement will be clean and clear to the user completely. You may also want to blend in some news, topics, and current events for your marketing strategy. We have found that these pieces of content work best for most pest Control companies:

  1. Company news
  2. Positive public relations
  3. New employees
  4. Videos

You want to share positive information on Facebook. There are so many more ways to advertise on Facebook and we always recommend to check out our Facebook lifecycle to learn everything about Facebook advertising.

In Conclusion
we are almost finished

Pest Control marketing does not have to be difficult. If you have a healthy mix of organic and paid search results, you will get more Pest and more calls.

The bottom line is people who are in a sticky situation are going to Google to search for a fix to their problems. For your brand to survive, you must be active in the search engines world. Although SEO is not Pest Control advertising, you can use Google AdWords and Facebook advertising to get more immediate results.

Want to start with your Pest Control marketing/advertising? Contact us today to increase your phone calls and brand awareness. Ad Global, LLC. is a premier Connecticut Social Media Marketing, SEO & Website Design Agency specializing in search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, and video engagement advertising.

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