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When it comes to restaurants there are a few ways to achieve your goal of recieving new clients online.
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Understand that Facebook can create a large boost in local foot traffic. Now, this sounds easy but it is common for people to mislead others without demonstrating correct methods in ad creation and placement. Look at Advertising and marketing as preparing a hot satisfying meal for a customer. All of your Time, energy and Efforts go into creating a tasty dish as the same goes for marketing of any sort particularly for restaurants.

1. Facebook's audience has a huge audience and can truly give a major advantages for your restaurant.

2. Use a combination of video and images to make your customers mouth water.

3. people love food and cannot live without it. Subliminally show off your restaurant and the atmosphere but mainly focus on compelling offers.

4. Set up your Facebook pixel for re-targeting the people who were interested but for some reason didn't opt-in or purchase. re-target them allowing them to return and finish where they left off.

6. automate your facebook page so you can reply on your existing community's comments and questions. (this will help you manage your community without disrupting anything important throughout your day.)

When Using Instagram you will visually enhance your business customer base as people love to visually indulge in a product especially before even considering to consume it. Instagram can be used to tag food at a location and much more.

1. Make sure pictures on your profile are not pixelated.

2. take professional food photos even if you made the food just to take a picture this will attract a lot of people.

3. find out if people are tagging your restaurant and food to your location.

4. Always reply to a comment and encourage others to follow & share.

5. Always use hashtags around your content so people can find your business throughout Instagram search results.

youtube is a platform that will build great SEO for your business as well as show your customers in-dept feeling of your restaurant.

1. Showcasing your food in video format will interest customers while displaying discounts and offers.

2. Get food review from customers how they enjoyed their experience within your restaurant.

3. Show creativity and the unique experience that would set your set apart from your competitors.

Twitter is known as a loud social platform and within Twitter you can standout from the crowd and open eyes.

1. tweet multiple times a day and gradually increase the amount you output.

2.Share value on your profile.

3. express your self!

Pinterest is like youtube but the photo version. This is great for SEO as well bringing a new a local audience to your restaurant.

1.a photo has a million words, let your photos speak for your business.

2. This is a way to generate more leads.

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