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Local SEO / Organic SEO

Our team operates at its fullest potential. We give you a base line Local SEO price but we will design a full custom Local SEO strategy for your business. Most businesses cannot afford to invest so they don’t grow their current status.

Quality and Results are not cheap. you pay for what you get. We value our work so everything will be beyond standards. If you order ROI expect a beautifully grilled Return.

Depending on your business industry niche. Every business is different and so are your keywords you target. On average you can start to see results in a matter for 1-2 weeks.

Its better than Advertising. Traditionally you have 2 options. Organic SEO and advertising for your business. Using Local SEO is a tactical way of achieving more customers naturally thus Allowing Search engines like google to index your content and boost your business while with advertising you must pay for your results.

We tackle both On page & Off page SEO for your business ensuring you dont have to worry about ranking factors as we handle all aspects which include Business Listings, Meta Description, Alt Tags, and more.

Every back-link we obtain for your business will have high authority. Don’t settle for mediocre links. Rise to the top and stay there permanently.

Local SEO is a process where you are optimizing your website locally in your area for search engines to display prominent information about your business.

Organic SEO  is a marketing strategy that drives “free” or “Organic”  traffic from all around the world. These websites are competing for the same keyword terms world wide.

Search engines cannot see images for certain content you upload. Meta tags are invisible tag snippets of about 155 characters that provide data about your page to search engines like google. In Other Words, they make it easier for search engines to determine what your content is about, meaning it is critical for optimizing your SEO.

Researching, finding, notating and analyzing actual search keyword terms that people search into search engines like google and Bing gives you a huge advantage. The insights you will get from these actual search terms will help create a content strategy, as well as a larger marketing strategy to use to receive online traction. Without targeting your keywords your leaving a lot for money for other to take from you in your industry.

Internal links (interlinking), are links on your website that link to other pages on the same website.

Inbound links are back-links that appear on other websites that link back to your website.

Robots.txt file is a text file in a simple format which gives information to web crawling robots (search engine crawlers) which parts of your website they are and aren’t allowed to crawl. If you don’t have a robots.txt then a web crawler will assume that they can go anywhere on your site and crawl unwanted pages.

XML Sitemap  You must have an XML Sitemap within your websites file. This is a clear map for search engines and web crawlers to understand what, who and where about your website in total.

Web Crawling is an automated process when a search engines cypher’s through your websites webpages for proper indexing. Crawlers search through your websites webpages looking for relevant hyperlinking, keywords, and content.

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page which  may contain other results such as advertisements. It is the main component displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher.

A local business needs more local exposure withing their area. Linking to different directories, Google My Business (GMB) and business listings boosts your ranking as well as visibility across your area and increasing your domain authority.

Yes! In some form or another it is surprising to learn SEO is an important factor for your website to receive organic traffic. Google and my other search engines have hundreds even thousands of factors that can improve or hurt your rankings.

Website Design

Yes, we have over 50+ designed templates of previous clients where we can use for your business industry as well.

Yes, we create website designs from scratch for anyone who desires there website site built from scratch which will cost a bit more than a templated design.

On Average, we aim for a 4-6 weeks launch depending on the complexity and time spent to create your desired website. What will affect the projects completion is the information provided, the functionality needs and feedback.

No! we will get started and input placeholder content for temporary use until you can provide us content.

Yes! This is just a technique we use on all of our websites that adapts its layout to fit any devices browser. This lowers initial cost drastically as this results in a better user experience.

Yes we can, We can maintain your website for 6 months or 12 months depending on how long you want your desire website to be maintained. 

For our prices we allow unlimited website revisions before the project is fully complete. After the project completion we may revise a few more times.

Absolutely, This is an important factor with ranking and customers response rate. We work hard to ensure your website looks amazing and responds accurately across a variety of devices.

Your input is important to us and feedback through the project is crucial in the process. We will start with a lot of questions throughout the process about your needs, likes, and wants.

When it comes to hosting it is super important! There are many hosting companies you can use for performance. We use a hand pick full of the best hosting providers.

Yes! At minimum, you need to think about monthly web hosting and annual domain name registration. Many design companies will not mention recurring cost before starting your project. We offer single rate solutions which includes monthly hosting, domain name reg and managed maintenance to keep everything running smooth.

You always have full ownership over your website. You may do what ever you want to your website once completed.

Yes! Contact us and let us tell us about your project in details. We will see if we can help your current situation. We will work our hardest to do so if we cannot we will direct you in the right direction. 

We help all industries and we may have your industry. We don’t showcase all industries as some clients want their design hidden from the public.

Google Advertising (PPC)

Google PPC is Advertising you pay for in order to receive traffic ASAP to your website. This method you would use if you wanted traffic fast and didn’t want to wait for the results of your SEO to kick-in. Each person that clicks on your ad will cost you a certain amount depending on the competition for that keyword.

Probably Not! It take a bit of time to get a successful campaign and to see which ad works best for you. Businesses usually hit their goals within the first month. We recommend you factor in time in the equation for best results. Various factors many impact your results which include ad copy, amount of competition in your area and much more.

CPC (Cost per Click) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Both mean you will only pay for an ad if someone click on your ad but used differently.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

No! It is tempting but unless you have a company or tech savvy person managing your social platforms try to master one then move on. Ideally you want to fully develop one platform before figuring out another as each platform has different methods to follow to obtain visibility.

Yes! This will make promoting your content and brand easier but it also helps search engines understand your brand. Your community will understand it is your brand. It typically comes down to knowing your ideal customer.

Absolutely! We post faithfully on a daily basis with relevant content your audience would engage in.

Logo Design

There are many different types of logos and they can be used for many different types of reasons. We mainly focus on logos that are professional, and business worthy. A brand is nothing without a logo.

We will give you all the necessary formats which includes the source file, .AI, .PNG, .JPEG, EPS, and .SVG. for any and all applications where you may need them.

Depending on how complicated you want your logo design depends on the time we deliver your product. Usually between 2-5 days we would be able to design a complex logo for your company and deliver in all formats.

Customer Service

Absolutely, we always offer our clients a refund within 30 days of purchase. If our product doesn’t meet your companies goals & satisfaction. We rarely receive complaints about nor had a previous client want a refund because we offer real ROI results with traceable metrics.

Please be paitaint as either all of our repersentatives were busy or you called after business hours. Our network runs 24/7 but our office hours are different. Please always leave your name, phone number, email a message on why you are calling and we will return your call or by email asap.

We except all major credit cards. Our main method we use is PayPal and stripe as it is secure and fast. We never store payment information outside of their secure systems.

We prefer the payment up front before any work can begin. We do offer a variety of payment options that includes installments if you cannot pay all at one time.

No! All of our work is preformed by our in-house team based in Rocky hill, Connecticut, USA.

No! We work with clients internationally. We’re great at communicating via phone and email. Our whole goal is to help any business wanting to receive more customers world wide.

Websites, Google PPC & SEO is like a car which comes in all shape and sizes. What specifically you want and desire is different from what another business needs my be. Your design may cost hundreds while the other company my cost thousands. We have been around for a long time and have improved many businesses over the years.

Our primary focus is working on businesses that are service oriented Business-to-Business (B2B) We have lots of experience working with business-to-customer (B2C) and can help any business but we prefer B2B and will not turn any business if you are serious about growth.

Absolutely! Included are bug fixes within our monthly packages. We will keep your website or SEO campaign in the same condition as the first day it was launched. This is the biggest benefit with being on a monthly plan.